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The start of a new year is typically a time for reflecting on the past and looking toward the future. Many people start their year by making a list of resolutions for the coming year. We all want to make improvements in our lives, so we'll set goals at the start of the year such as losing that extra 25 pounds, saving extra money by putting away $1 for the first week of the year continuing up to $52 for the last week of the year, or reading the Bible from cover to cover. Most of the time, four months later, we’re lost in Leviticus with $21 and a bathroom scale that must be broken. Every once in a while, we manage to press through, discipline ourselves, and achieve the goals that we set for ourselves. These are the moments that are worth celebrating!

Looking back through the years, 2015 saw us have some of our largest camps on record. Teen Camp had 47 campers and Children’s Camp had 44 campers. These were both the second largest attendances for these camps in the past 10 years. Family Camp had 3 of the 4 largest services since attendance has been taken. The Saturday Homecoming service had 179 in attendance which was the largest service on record. It is a testament to the work that God is continuing to do in our camps. Those are moments that are worth celebrating!

Last January, our camp sat with numerous broken pipes from an early freeze and a gutted dorm area above the dining hall. Through the help of numerous donations and volunteer hours, the dorm area has been completely remodeled. Without these necessary improvements, some of our campers may have had to celebrate the camp’s 75th anniversary by sleeping in tents. After hours upon hours of work, all of the busted water pipes were replaced and fixed without any of the camps being affected. Those are moments that are worth celebrating!

In the next few months, we’ll be meeting to develop plans for both the coming year and the long term. I ask that you continue to pray for BlackHills Camp and the work that God continues to use all of us for. Continue to be used in whatever capacity you’re needed and above all else help us to keep Christ as the focus of our camp. With all of us working together, I know that 2016 will have lots of moments that are worth celebrating!

God bless,
Zach DeLeurere

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